Award-Winning Speaker, Consultant, Author, Trainer & Coach

Michaela is an Expert in Leadership, Customer Experience & Luxury Marketing.
For over 10 years, she has demonstrated her expertise on 5 continents, to over 100,000 people across 30 countries.

Being trilingual – French, German, English– Michaela knows how to captivate her audience no matter what country she is in, thanks to her knowledge, dynamism and charisma.

In 2020 she has obtained the highest International Award for Public Speaking, the Certified speaking professional (CSP) offered by the National Speakers Association of the United States.

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Brand & Retail Management

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German, French, English

“Empower Brand Ambassadors in the Digital Age”



German in origin, Michaela has been living in Paris for more than 25 years.
Indeed, she had been working in Leadership positions and had been guiding Top Managers working for influential Global Brands such as L’Oréal, Dior, Hermès, Four Seasons Hotels, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, etc.  Her own leadership experience within international companies allowed her to experience Change Management and all the transitions related to this organizational change.

Moreover, she realized the importance of Relational & Emotional Intelligence, especially in in these times of change : 80% of the Leadership Success is due to Relational & Emotional Intelligence Skills. Contrary to what one might think, hard skills, such as finance, strategy or sales, are not the skills that help to overcome a difficult period.



In addition to her career in Teaching and Consulting, Michaela is the author of several top-ranking articles. Her latest book, Luxury Sales Force Management: Strategies for Winning Over Your Brand Ambassadors has become an important resource to leaders in several prominent organizations.

She is a Certified Coach (John Maxwell Institute, USA) in various Behavioral & Motivational tools : DISC, Emotional Intelligence, WPMOT (Work Place Motivators), etc.



Michaela holds a PhD in Marketing, which she defended at Sorbonne Business School and HEC.
This qualification enabled her to become a Professor in Management & Marketing. Thus, she has been teaching related lectures within 10 leading Business Schools & Universities – ESSEC, Science Pro Paris, etc – in Europe, Asia, America, and Middle East.



One of her main sources of inspiration is her 100+ trips and expeditions to the most extreme regions of the world. She has observed authentic tribes, like researcher Jane Goodall, who explored wildlife and active volcanoes in the most remote places on our beautiful planet.

Another source that has shaped her work comes from high-level gymnastics, which she practiced for over 15 years. The tenacity, precision, excellence and team spirit she learned as an athlete helped her and her team win the German Championships 5 times. These values continue to inspire her work today.

“The Relational Intelligence is the Key to your Success”


Companies that master Relationship Intelligence will attract clients more easily. They’ll also more powerfully engage employees, sales teams, suppliers, and everyone else who contributes to the company’s success. It makes clients to brand ambassadors. Relationship Intelligence is the true trigger to a memorable client and employee experience.


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