Innovation is like a trip into space. You venture into unknown territories without boundaries. In order to find groundbreaking new ideas, lots of qualities are needed. Open-mindedness, positive thinking, endless curiosity, crossing mindsets, and some structure. That’s what Michaela Merk tried to bring to the champagne brand Tsarine within the Champagne house  . In collaboration with a highly diverse team we worked on innovation in all aspects of the champagne experience: The bottle, the drink, the way of drinking and the whole production method. Innovation and creativity prepare are brand’s future. This highly competitive industry makes innovation vital. It also brings excitement and customer experience to a very traditional industry sector.

In order to innovate you must break the box, dare to think differently. This is my job when working with companies on innovation. Michaela also try to bring them inspirations from other industries in order to bridge tradition and future. This is one of the key secrets we use at Merk Vision.

Champagne is a very traditional and controlled business. Therefore it is even more difficult to innovate in a field where the appellation “champagne” needs to respect precise rules and regulations. Innovation becomes powerful as soon as you combine diverse expertise and cross it with outside knowledge and technology.

Many thanks to the brand’s president, Franck Coste, and his highly talented team for allowing Michaela to travel onboard Tsarine’s space shuttle into the galaxy of infinitely elegant bubbles.