Luxury Brand, Retail and Digital Certificat at University Paris Dauphine: new dates

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Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Michaela Merk, Paris Dauphine University has elaborated a prestigious and complete certificate in luxury brand-, retail- and digital management. This executive certificate will lighten the main issues faced by many companies today who want to be present in the online and offline world. Paris-Dauphine University gives you the guarantee of a high level expertise & content that will allow you to excel in the premium and luxury field.

Very experienced lecturers have been selected in order to transmit their knowledge in their respective specialties. The upcoming certificate will take place in Paris during an intense 6 days seminar from June 27th until July 2nd. The entire seminar will be held in English language in order to allow international managers join the program.

For further information you can consult the website dedicated to the certificate.

The fast changing retail environment, triggered by digitalization and increasing competition, represents a true challenge for brands and retailers. They need to reconsider their strategies and operational goals, get familiar with the new customer expectations and trends in order to remain competitive.

Recent studies* show that 44%  of consumers would consider ending their relationship with a retailer if they are not given tailor-made, relevant content and offers. In addition, 92% of retailers are struggling with online/offline integration. Today, 3/4 of luxury shoppers carry digital devices. Millions of these shoppers are eager to interact with brands online using their computers, tablets and smartphones before they decide what to buy, where to buy it or how much they’re willing to pay.

Not too long ago, the majority of luxury brands were resistant to digital, believing that it would cannibalize the luxury brick-and-mortar experience. Over the last few years, a dramatic change in the luxury digital landscape was noticed. Things have come a long way since! Today, it is claimed that 98% of high-income consumers are shopping online and a high level of competition to access this valuable market share begin to push luxury brands and retailers to invest heavily in taking control of their online brand reputation and ensuring that digital revenue is a core part of the luxury retail mix.

These important movements have a direct impact on the traditional role of salespeople, store design and retail management. The winning brands and retailers will be those who succeed in reinforcing the service level and offering a unique shopping experience offline, while building a seamless online presence. Implementing efficient omni-channel retailing strategies are at the heart of the new retail reality.

This new executive certificate will allow you to acquire skills in the luxury industry with particular focus on the new retail reality, driven by digital technologies.

Michaela Merk

Program Director / Associate Professor in International Marketing, Retailing & Luxury Management, Paris Dauphine University

CEO Merk Vision & Partners (Consulting & Training in Luxury Brand, Retail, Digital Management)/

Author of bestselling management books: Luxury Sales Force Management (Palgrave McMillan) and Manager les vendeurs du luxe (Dunod)