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Through our conferences in customer experience and sales excellence we want to share our 20 years expertise in this field, inspire your teams and help shape your future business success in retail.


Boosting the customer experience through relational intelligence

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  • How to increase your sales performance through emotional and relational intelligence 
  • How your sales and service teams can help your customers feel emotionally connected to your brand
  • How discerning customers can still have a memorable experience in the digital age
  • How to generate a seamless omnichannel customer experience
  • How to turn modern customers into brand ambassadors
  • How to increase satisfaction and loyalty of your customers


Creating a memorable customer experience in the digital age

  • How digital transformation is influencing the way we sell and advise
  • How connected customers want to be served and advised
  • How sales and service teams Must Integrate Digital Devices Into Their Selling Ceremony
  • The Impact Of Increasing Digitization On Sales Management


Michaela Merk’s keynotes on Customer Experience and Sales Excellence

Create Customer Experience unique thanks to a solid knowledge and technical base transmitted through the lecture given by Dr. Michaela Merk. Do you manage the sales teams within your company or do you yourself work as a sales manager, store or sales manager with clients and future clients?

This conference is made for you! In the digital age, consumers have become more and more demanding because they have easier access to information related to brands. Competition has therefore in a sense become tougher with new technologies. Put the odds in your favor by offering the best possible customer experience.

Conferences on customer experience and sales excellence: what topics will be discussed?

During this conference, sales representatives, managers, directors and sales managers learn to understand their customers differently. It is by following the evolution of consumer behavior as well as that of information and communication technologies that we can be able to know how to reach, attract and retain customers.

Discover what the concept of relational and emotional intelligence is and learn how to use it well in order to develop an optimal customer experience, in line with our times. You will develop your knowledge and skills in sales by understanding how the various channels used by consumers to access a brand or products work.

Being in control of your products or services is a good thing, but it is not enough today. It is now necessary and almost essential to rely on the emotional components of the act of purchasing to reach your customers effectively and become more intimately involved in the process of selecting a product or a brand. It’s about creating a loyal community around your brand, your products and your services.

Thanks to your ability to create a memorable customer experience, you succeed in transforming your teams into brand ambassadors who become the best spokespersons for your services and products.

Who are the sales excellence and customer experience conferences for?

This conference given by Michaela Merk is aimed at all sales teams, sales managers and managers, sales representatives, marketing managers, managers, company directors or entrepreneurs. Anyone who wants to get to know their customers better in order to better meet their expectations and requirements and, to achieve this goal, improve their sales excellence skills and strengthen customer loyalty can attend.


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