We coach individuals in becoming better leaders, communicators and brand ambassadors within their organizations. Excellence in communication skills, leadership and relationship intelligence in business are main fields of our coaching sessions.

We also help talents find their way and guide them towards their new career paths, allowing them to unfold and apply their biggest strengths and achieve their dreams.

Our coaching is based on 20 years of senior management and consulting experience as well as training on thousands of individuals. In addition, we are certified on the use of highly recognized and robust tools that allow indepth analysis of our clients. 

Prior to our coaching sessions an individual interview will be set up in order to evaluate the coaching fit and the best adapted organization necessary in order to amplify the results.



  • We can look back to 20 years of leadership experience in highly demanding industries
  • We are certified coaches in the most powerful internationally respected leadership methods: DISC, WPMOT, Emotional Intelligence and John Maxwell leadership methods
  • We have developed our own leadership methods based on our research on Relationship Intelligence
  • We have trained and coached hundreds of professionals


  • We will help you identify your own strengths, talents, aspirations.
  • We help you amplify your leadership skills through our own research on Relationship Intelligence.
  • We also detect your weak spots helping you transform them into your new strengths.
  • Our coachings allow to fully adapt to your individual profile and needs.
  • You will receive a detailed report about your profile and recommendations in order to become a world class leader


  • Coaching can be done online at distance or in presence.
  • Together we define the best organization.

Participant Profile:

  • You are already in a leadership position or you are going to take up a leadership position in the near future





  • Michaela Merk has been a professional keynote speaker for more than 10 years and spoke to over 100 000 people in over 20 countries
  • Michaela has earned the Certified Speaking Professional® (CSP) designation, the highest award in public speaking and training offered by the National Speakers Association of the United States. In 2020, only 4 speakers in France and around 10% of all professional speakers worldwide own it.
  • She has been trained by world-class international speakers and has obtained the most prestigious certifications for her speaking excellent
  • She has trained several hundreds of people to improve their communication, presentation and pitching skills
  • As professor in leading business schools, Michaela has trained hundreds of MBA and Master students in improving their presentations and communication style


  • We will help you make your presentations unforgettable and sharp
  • We will help you improve your pitching skills in any situation when you have to prove that you are the right person (job interviews, business pitches) or that you have the best proposal
  • We also help you improve your communication skills in negotiations where not only content but also style count in order to convince.
  • You will receive a personalized report in order to illustrate your personality, how to improve your communication and how to adapt best in challenging situations


  • Coaching can be done online at distance or in presence.
  • Together we define the best organization.

Participant Profile:

  • You are an entrepreneur and need to convince business partners and investors
  • You are in a leading management function and must convince your teams, frequently present in public or internally 
  • You are a teacher, professor or trainer and want to improve your communication and training style



  • Leadership to hundreds of professionals in marketing and sales functions with the responsibility of identifying, guiding, developing and reorienting their career paths
  • Guidance to hundreds of young professionals in business schools before entering the workplace
  • Certification to use and apply coaching tools allowing to identify strengths, limits, behaviors, needs, motivations and one’s sleeping or unexploited talents.
  • Analyzed and corrected hundreds of CVs in order to make them more relevant, real and aspirational


  • Identify your biggest talents, aspirations, dreams and allow them to find a bigger place in your life
  • Help you built your career path and develop your next professional steps
  • Unfoald your true potential that will make more sense to you and fit you the best
  • Be best prepared for your job interview in order to avoid the biggest mistakes and be convincing when it counts


  • Coaching can be done online at distance or in presence.
  • Together we define the best organization.


  • You are already in your career but want to reposition yourselves or you are about to finalize your studies before entering your professional life.
  • All of our trainings can be organized with physical presence or in the form of webinars.

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