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Even if you are not in the luxury business, there is a lot to learn from this incredibly powerful industry.
It has developed some of the strongest brands on an international scale, the most durable in terms of survival time (for some for centuries), it has been able to withstand hard times like world wars, severe economic or health crises. Having been fortunate enough to have collaborated with some of the world’s leading luxury houses over the past 20 years, we have learned from them. Let us inspire you through our conferences with the secrets of the most powerful houses to learn some tricks to better value your own business and make your services more desirable.


The secrets to making your brand powerful and desirable

In this captivating conference you will discover …

  • What companies can learn from the world’s most influential luxury brands
  • How brands and employees can create desire, uniqueness and fascination
  • How to increase the value of your business even if you don’t sell luxury goods
  • How to tell captivating stories around your product and make an experience memorable
  • How to make your brand legendary and enduring across generations

Learn more about Michaela Merk’s conferences on the secrets of luxury and powerful brands¬†

Luxury is a world apart! The requirements are such that it is necessary to stand out on the quality and desirability of its products, as well as that of its customer service. In order to remain in this sector, it is essential to be able to meet all customer expectations. To achieve the success of the big luxury brands and establish yourself as a sustainable business with a stable foundation, learn from Michaela Merk the best techniques to succeed in the market. Even if your business is not in the luxury world, taking inspiration from the big brands can provide tips on how to make your own brand more desirable.

Why a conference on luxury brands?

For several years, luxury has been undergoing many changes. It is no longer about providing a high-end product to customers, but about giving them a unique experience. Thus, contemporary luxury places customer expectations at the heart of the concerns of major brands. To achieve this, they must develop an irreproachable service at all levels: attention given to the staff, enhancement of the sales premises through decoration or the diffusion of perfume, etc. A luxurious customer experience must awaken all the senses.
This trend is reinforced with the new generations who are ultra-stimulated and more in search of experimentation than possession of material goods. Beyond high-end service, products must also continue their quest for excellence. To achieve this, the major luxury brands must maintain their traditions while bringing modernity to their creations.
Faced with all these changes, the conference on luxury and luxury brands aims to enable companies to adapt to the demands of their customers. Thanks to her knowledge of the luxury sector, Michaela Merk brings you all the keys to satisfy your customers and prospects or to increase the desirability and value perception of your brands.

Who should attend the conferences on the secrets of luxury, their codes and the power of these brands?

The conferences dedicated to the experiences and success of luxury brands are aimed at all companies working in this sector, but not only! Any employee, manager, director or entrepreneur can attend these conferences in order to learn how to enhance their brand and their company so that they correspond to the desires and requirements of future customers. By allowing them to live an experience and create a relationship more than commercial between these customers and your brand, you follow the path of luxury brands to success.


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