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Keynote speaking and presenting is in our DNA. Merk Vision’s creator, Michaela Merk, is one of the most sought-after speakers in Europe, having obtained the highest professional speaking designation, the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional). After years of working with and observing the world’s leading speakers, primarily from the United States, she has adopted a deep expertise in this field through hundreds of lectures she has delivered to demanding international audiences. Michaela has also learned from American experts how to speak on camera to deliver impactful webinars and online seminars. So, we decided to share this immense expertise with you through a course that will teach you how to make your presentations more memorable. Obviously, this training will be implemented after a detailed briefing to adjust the content to your needs.


Master the art of captivating your audience on and offline

– Do you frequently present ideas to your teams or other stakeholders using on- and offline media channels?
– Are you starting your own business and need to convince potential investors or business partners to finance you?
– Do you want to improve your ability to present your arguments in negotiations?

In this training, you will improve your presentation and negotiation skills. This will allow youth convey your message in a more relevant, fair and captivating way.

  • Learn how to formulate your own or your products’ arguments.
  • Learn to share your ideas with your team in a memorable style.
  • Learn to connect with your audience through all facets of relational intelligence.
  • Learn to speak in front of a camera to engage your audience even through the screen.
  • Learn the art of making your message memorable.

Only if you can incorporate emotion into your presentations will your messages stick in people’s minds. Good presentation skills make you more influential because you can share your messages more effectively.

Our Expertise
Michaela Merk has been a professional keynote speaker for almost 15 years and has been trained by the best speakers in the United States. In 2020, she received the highest international title for public speaking, the CSP (Certified speaking professional), which only 4 speakers in France own to date.

In addition, she obtained the highest label for virtual her speaking skills, the certified virtual presenter.

The Participants
This course is for anyone who wants to improve their communication, presentation and pitching style, regardless of your seniority or title. You may be a manager in a company or an entrepreneur running your own business.

This training does not require any pre-requisites.

1 to 2 days recommended

For a customised approach, please contact Michaela Merk for a quote

Learn more about our courses to develop and deliver powerful presentations

Public speaking training helps you get your message across effectively in front of an audience.
But public speaking is not something that comes naturally to many of us. It becomes even more difficult when you have to deliver a powerful message in front of a screen. In business, whether you are a team manager, an employee or a director, it can seem difficult to convey your message or idea effectively when speaking in front of a large or small audience. It is necessary to take into account both the content and the form when you want to make a speech or talk about your products or services.
Thanks to the training on speaking, discover how to improve your oral presentations as well as your fluency, whether your speech is intended for your staff or for people outside your company.

Why do you need a speaking course?

Do you need to speak in public to deliver messages and ideas? Do you lack confidence or want to improve your public speaking skills to better reach your target audience? Then the public speaking training conducted by Dr. Michaela Merk is ideal for you.
Improve your presentation skills, make your messages audible to your audience in a way that makes a lasting impression. Whether you’re dealing with prospects, potential customers, suppliers, investors, business partners or your own internal teams, the speaking course will show you how to build a strong case with a polished presentation.

What will I learn in this course?

Michaela Merk, an internationally certified speaker in both real (Certified Speaking Professional) and virtual (Certified Virtual Presenter) communication, will train you on the best techniques to deliver a clear, coherent and relevant speech. She will also give you the keys to formulate this speech correctly by adapting your style to your target. In addition to guiding your listeners through the topics you wish to address during your presentation, you will also learn to integrate the notion of emotion to capture, captivate and seduce your audience. Your messages and ideas will be better received.

Who is the public speaking training for?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to develop their public presentation skills, improve their oral communication and learn to structure a speech in order to convince and captivate. This can be done in real life or behind a screen. Managers as well as employees and entrepreneurs are welcome to attend this training.

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