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Too often, women do not dare to fully exploit their potential, do not believe in their abilities and talents, and hesitate to speak out and publicly express their opinions. Yet, they have so much to share. This is why I have developed this conference based on my own experiences as a leader, speaker, entrepreneur and fulfilled mother. Through this conference, I wish to bring to women all over the world courage, energy, confidence to go forward, to be determined, to dare to be themselves.


The secrets of female success.


In this captivating and very personal conference you will discover …

  • The 10 secrets and qualities that enable women to succeed in their professional and personal lives.
  • How women can become as successful as strong brands
  • How women can persuade through excellence, energy and personality
  • How to succeed as a businesswoman through my own ideas and values
  • How women can create and run their own business in a highly competitive world
  • How you can successfully combine your family life with your work life without giving up or giving in
  • How to become a leader of your own life, your choices, your desires on a personal and professional level

Learn more about Michaela Merk’s conferences and keynotes on female leadership

Thanks to the desire to improve gender diversity within companies, women are increasingly occupying positions of responsibility. As such, they are reinventing their role as managers by bringing their own personal touch. So that every woman can find her way, Merk Vision has developed its training courses on female leadership.

What are the conferences on female leadership?

Leadership is the ability to mobilize a team. Very often, this skill is associated with masculinity. However, leadership is not only an aptitude of men. Women can also be leaders. And this is even more the case with the progressive rise of women to high hierarchical positions.
They must therefore be able to guide their employees to help them achieve their objectives.

To do this, conferences on female leadership may be necessary. Indeed, in addition to all the issues related to leadership, namely imposing one’s authority and inspiring confidence, women are also subject to other issues that are directly related to their gender.

But rather than seeing this as a weakness, it is important to see their difference as a strength. For this reason, women’s leadership conferences teach hundreds of women to be leaders in their organizations.

Why do conferences on women’s leadership?

The need for this conference is due to years of patriarchy, which has placed men at the head of all organizations, whether professional or family.

Today, women also want to occupy positions of responsibility. And for this, it is essential that they appropriate the values of leadership. Without adopting the stereotypes of virility, they must adapt their way of leading according to their specificity.
Indeed, women often possess qualities that make them excellent leaders, such as courage, decision making or the ability to listen. On the other hand, they may lack certain aspects necessary to lead a team. This is particularly true of self-confidence and asserting one’s legitimacy.
The challenge of this training on female leadership is to reconcile all these skills.

Who is this training for?

The conferences on female leadership are intended for all women in management positions and for women who would like to increase their level of influence. It does not matter how many people are on their team. They can manage a small team of less than 10 people or teams of more than 10 people. Similarly, this apprenticeship is aimed at all types of companies (VSEs, SMEs or large groups, or even local authorities or associations).
As soon as there are women managers, this training will be useful.

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