It’s no longer a mystery, but a fact: The demands of customers on brands have become immense, accelerated by digitalization. Information sources, shopping channels and competitors have multiplied over the last few years and offer customers a multitude of choices and options. How can we still make the difference with the competition? How do you grab the customer’s attention and leave a memorable experience that can again positively impact other potential customers? To share our expertise, experience and best practices with you, we have developed two major training courses on customer experience and sales excellence, both for managers and salespeople. Each course can be tailored to your needs and your company.


FROM SALESPERSON TO BRAND AMBASSADOR: Learn to empower your teams through relationship intelligence

Business leaders are role models, coaches, and visionary guides who lead their teams to higher levels of performance. Managers only become inspiring leaders if they can connect with their teams through relational intelligence. This is the condition to transform your teams into brand ambassadors who live, embody and share your company’s values. The more brand ambassadors you can create in your company, the more successful your company will be in the long run. In this training, we will help you get to know yourself as a person and as a leader and enable you to master leadership techniques through relational intelligence.

Content and Objectives
In this course you will learn

  • How to manage sales teams so that they can amplify the customer experience
  • How to turn my salespeople into brand ambassadors
  • How to integrate emotions into the customer journey
  • How to integrate the secrets of Relational and Emotional Intelligence in sales
  • How to manage the different profiles and talents within a team
  • How to improve the interaction of your teams with your customers and significantly increase their loyalty
  • How to stimulate a memorable buying experience, especially in the digital age, to make the difference with online stores.

The participants
You should have a management responsibility in sales or service, regardless of your seniority level or the size of your team. You can work for a brand, a retailer or in a service business like hospitality. The customer is central to your business.

You have (future) responsibility for managing a sales team, salespeople or representatives of any size. Or you have a position related to the customer experience.

1 to 2 days recommended

For a customised approach, please contact Michaela Merk for a quote


CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE THROUGH RELATIONSHIP INTELLIGENCE: The art of making sales and service memorable

Formation vente intelligence emotionnelle

In this training, sales and service teams will learn how to boost their emotional and relational intelligence in order to create the best possible customer experience. In an age where customers can learn everything about products and brands online, relational intelligence is becoming the most important quality to delight demanding customers. Leaving customers with a memorable experience has become the number one challenge in retail and service today. Learn how to build close relationships with customers, use empathy to identify customer desires, create trust and surprising moments, and tell stories in a captivating way. In this training, you will also learn to reflect on your own personality and motivations, so that you are better able to serve clients and anticipate their desires.

Benefits and Objectives

  • Become more customer-centric
  • Discover the facets of the customer experience
  • Know how to integrate emotions into the customer journey
  • Know how to integrate the secrets of Relational and Emotional Intelligence in sales
  • Become brand ambassadors
  • Know how to identify different types of customers
  • Know how to read the weak signals and decode the non-verbal language of the customer
  • Capture the customer’s attention in his speech
  • Learn how to reinforce empathy and active listening
  • Know how to transmit the brand’s values to the customer
  • Turn customers into brand ambassadors

The participants
You are often in front of customers to offer them services or products.
You are in a commercial or service role with the challenge of transforming and enabling them to experience a memorable moment.

Have a first experience in sales or customer service.

1 to 2 days recommended

For a customized approach, please contact Michaela Merk for a quote

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To grow and be sustainable, a company must obviously attract and retain its target audience. And this necessarily requires a successful customer experience. But how to do this? This is the objective of Michaela Merk’s customer experience training, which aims to improve the sales excellence of sales teams within a company. Find out more about the content and objectives of this training here.

What is the purpose of a Customer Experience and Sales Excellence training?

No company can simply sell products or services. In order to maintain a long-term presence, it is essential to satisfy its target at all stages of the relationship, before, during and after the purchase. This is what we call the customer experience, thanks to a strong feeling in the customer’s emotions. This marketing term refers to the links between the company and its customers.
Today, the relationship with consumers is increasingly complex. With the multiplication of communication channels, companies must be present everywhere to answer all the requests. Through these different interactions, the brand must inspire trust and create a certain proximity with its target. On the one hand, this allows prospects to buy with peace of mind. On the other hand, it allows the company to boost its sales and customer delight.
But how to create this relationship of trust? That’s what customer experience training is all about.

Why customer experience training?

Michaela Merk’s customer experience training helps you understand the different uses and behaviors of your target audience. And this, regardless of the communication channels.
But as we live in the digital age, it is also important to understand the different specificities of each channel. So, you will learn the attitudes to adopt when customers are in a store, in a physical meeting or on the phone. And since a large part of the interactions also go through new technologies, you will discover how to use new technologies, mobile, internet or social networks to improve the customer experience. This is a new way of selling by combining emotion and technology, which also requires new sales profiles. It is about sales people improving their excellence in selling by creating empathy with the customer to identify their desires and respond to them as effectively as possible.
In this training, Dr. Michaela Merk teaches you the basics of customer relations and helps you adapt them to your own company. She teaches you how to communicate with your customers and prospects in the best possible way to promote transformation and conversion. The goal is to ensure that this marketing strategy corresponds to your values while meeting consumer expectations.

Who should attend training on operational excellence and customer experience?

Today, a good customer experience is necessary for all companies. As soon as a sale is made (regardless of the product or service), these rules must be applied.
However, some areas are more concerned than others by this issue. Thus, the training on customer experience is aimed at directors or managers of marketing, sales, communication, CRM, or customer projects. Following this training on sales-oriented excellence, managers will be able to lead their sales teams and give them the keys to create and maintain a lasting customer relationship and boost sales.

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