Through our conferences in Customer Experience and Sales Excellence, we want to share our 20 years of expertise in this field, inspire your teams and help you shape your future sales and service success in the face of increasingly demanding customers.


The art of turning your teams into brand ambassadors

This dynamic and energetic conference was developed to show that each employee within a company has internal and external customers that he or she must serve in the best possible way. As an ambassador for his company or brand, an employee can generate a “customer” experience if he knows how to embody the highest level of relationship intelligence in front of his entourage. These essential qualities must be fostered by all managers.

This conference will allow you to discover …

  • How to bring your sales and service teams to the highest levels of excellence through emotional leadership
  • How to create lasting relationships with your teams, customers and suppliers in times of change
  • How to inspire and coach your teams to become committed brand ambassadors
  • How to best manage millennials and gen z employees
  • How to rally your teams and boost their level of engagement for achieving big goals together


Boosting client experience through Relationship Intelligence

In this high-energy conference, sales and service teams will learn how to boost their emotional and relationship intelligence in order to create the best possible customer experience. In an age where customers can learn everything about products and brands online, relationship intelligence is becoming the most important quality to delight demanding customers. Leaving customers with a memorable experience has become a huge challenge today.

This conference will allow you to discover …

  • How to increase your sales performance with emotional and relationship intelligence
  • How your sales and service teams can help your customers feel emotionally connected to your brand
  • How demanding customers can still have a memorable experience in the digital age
  • How to generate a seamless omni-channel customer experience
  • How to turn modern customers into brand ambassadors
  • How to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty


Sales and Service Excellence in times of digital transformation.

The digitalization of our lives has given customers incredible power. With ease they can get all the information they want about a product beforehand, compare several options before choosing the next step. More than 80% of the buying process starts online. This multitude of possibilities has also made them extremely demanding. The quality of service must be impeccable, tailor-made, always surprising, and efficient throughout all stages of the customer journey.

In this captivating conference you will discover …

  • How digital transformation affects the way we sell and advise
  • How connected customers want to be served and advised
  • How sales and service teams must integrate digital devices into their sales ceremony
  • The impact of increasing digitalization on sales and service management
  • The qualities required to satisfy the connected customer

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Customer Experience and Sales Excellence conferences

Do you manage sales teams in your company, or do you work as a sales manager, store manager or salesperson with customers and prospective customers? These conferences are for you! In the digital age, consumers have become more and more demanding as they have easier access to brand information. The competition has become tougher with the new technologies. Put all the chances on your side by offering the best possible customer experience.

Customer Experience and Sales Excellence Conference: What topics will be covered?

During these conferences, salespeople, managers, directors and sales managers learn to approach their customers differently. It is by following the evolution of consumer behaviors as well as that of information and communication technologies that we can know how to reach, seduce and retain our customers.
Discover the concept of relationship and emotional intelligence and learn how to use it in order to develop an optimal customer experience, in line with our times. You will develop your knowledge and skills in sales by understanding how the various channels are used by customers.

Mastering your products or services is important, but it is no longer enough. It is now necessary and almost indispensable to rely on the emotional components of the purchasing act to reach your customers effectively and to become more intimately involved in the process of selecting a product or a brand. It’s about building a loyal community around your brand, products and services.
Thanks to your ability to create a memorable customer experience, you succeed in transforming your teams into brand ambassadors who become the best spokespeople for your services and products.

Who should attend the Sales Excellence and Customer Experience conferences?

These conferences given by Michaela Merk are intended for all sales teams, sales managers, sales representatives, marketing managers, business managers or entrepreneurs. Anyone who wants to get to know their customers better in order to better meet their expectations and requirements and to achieve this goal, improve their sales excellence skills and strengthen customer loyalty, can attend.

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