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Based on 20 years of Brand and Retail experience we accompany companies on their way to excellence in building powerful brands and client experiences.

In order to build strong and unique brands, teams must learn to innovate and think out of the box. That’s what we do during a series of innovation days, which we adapt to every brand’s positioning and industry.

Thanks to important operational expertise we are able to not only advise on strategies but also help implementation. In order to ensure that the projects are also fully supported by the teams we engage employees and their managers as much as possible. 

In addition to consulting for companies we also coach individuals in becoming better leaders and brand ambassadors within their organizations. Excellence in communication skills and relationship intelligence in business are main fields of our coaching sessions.


Michaela Merk has obtained the highest certification of the French Speakers Association (AFCP) for her speaking skills. The biggest European Speakers Bureau “Speakers Excellence” counts her among the top 100 speakers and trainers in Europe. She obtained herself speaker training by the best American speakers united in the Global Speakers Association.

Consulting Missions

Case Studies Of The Companies That Were Consulted By Merk Vision

Brand Platform, Sales Rituals and Tools

Develop Retail Excellence for Premium Brands

Improve client experience strategies

Conception of Workshops and Trainings

Organization of Innovation Days

Strategic recommendations and trainings on instore digitalization

Develop and Launch E-Commerce Platforms



  • Detailed briefing
  • Questionnaire to capture the mission scope and problems to solve
  • Interviews with stakeholders to be realistic and relevant


  • Status Quo Analysis
  • Report including strategic proposals
  • Proposed priority and action plan


  • Agree upon implementation strategy
  • Establish retro-planning
  • Set up an internal task force
  • Design operational tools and contents
  • Develop workshops to transfer knowledge

Years Of Expertise In Brand & Retail Management

Companies With Which We Worked With

Countries In Which We Advised

Audience Members per year

Languages spoken (English, French, German)


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