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Relationship and Emotional Intelligence are particularly effective skills in a fast-changing, highly complex world where employees and customers alike are demanding more and more tailored interactions. Our trainings were designed to impart these skills that can be learned, improved and tested.


Discover the power of Relationship Intelligence

Leadership training Relationship Intelligence

This training has been designed to help leaders better face moments of major transformation and change, whether within their company or impacted from the outside. We will discuss the major changes that will impact leadership in the next decade. Participants will learn the leadership qualities they need to develop to master such complex and destabilizing situations. A strong focus in this workshop will be on relationship intelligence in leadership, which is one of the key leadership qualities to strengthen the links between teams and the entire business ecosystem. In times of change, you need brand ambassadors who are the most engaged drivers in the change process. We show you how you can successfully transform your employees into valuable brand ambassadors at a time when you need to bring stability to your business.

Objectives and Benefits

  • Know the secrets of successful, impactful and inspiring leadership
  • Know how to sharpen your own leadership personality
  • How to use emotional and relationship intelligence in leadership
  • Know how to strengthen the bonds within your team
  • Know how to adapt your communication thanks to the identification of different types of employees
  • Know how to reassure and encourage your employees
  • Know how to develop a thirst to win as a team
  • Know how to gather and motivate
  • Become more resilient after failures
  • Bring positive energy to your teams
  • Become more influential and charismatic
  • Lead your company in tough times
  • Turn my teams into brand ambassadors
  • Become happier and more fulfilled as a leader and manager

Realization of your behavioral and emotional intelligence profile thanks to a test in partnership with TTI Success Insight (international leader in Human Resources assessment)

The participants
People in management positions or those who will be facing leadership responsibilities in the near future.

Experience in management and/or leadership

1 to 2 days recommended

For a customized approach, please contact Michaela Merk for a quote


Learn to empower your teams through relationship intelligence


Business leaders are role models, coaches, and visionary guides who lead their teams to higher levels of performance. Managers only become inspiring leaders if they can connect with their teams through relational intelligence. This is the condition to transform your teams into brand ambassadors who live, embody and share your company’s values. The more brand ambassadors you can create in your company, the more successful your company will be in the long run. In this training, we will help you get to know yourself as a person and as a leader and enable you to master leadership techniques through relational intelligence.

Content and Objectives

In this course you will learn
• How to manage sales teams so that they can amplify the customer experience
• How to turn my salespeople into brand ambassadors
• How to integrate emotions into the customer journey
• How to integrate the secrets of Relational and Emotional Intelligence in sales
• How to manage the different profiles and talents within a team
• How to improve the interaction of your teams with your customers and significantly increase their loyalty
• How to stimulate a memorable buying experience, especially in the digital age, to make the difference with online stores.

The participants
You should have a management responsibility in sales or service, regardless of your seniority level or the size of your team. You can work for a brand, a retailer or in a service business like hospitality. The customer is central to your business.

You have (future) responsibility for managing a sales team, salespeople or representatives of any size. Or you have a position related to the customer experience.

1 to 2 days recommended

For a customised approach, please contact Michaela Merk for a quote



The art of making sales and service memorable  

Formation vente intelligence emotionnelle

In this training, sales and service teams will learn how to boost their emotional and relational intelligence in order to create the best possible customer experience. In an age where customers can learn everything about products and brands online, relational intelligence is becoming the most important quality to delight demanding customers. Leaving customers with a memorable experience has become the number one challenge in retail and service today. Learn how to build close relationships with customers, use empathy to identify customer desires, create trust and surprising moments, and tell stories in a captivating way. In this training, you will also learn to reflect on your own personality and motivations, so that you are better able to serve clients and anticipate their desires.

Benefits and Objectives

  • Become more customer-centric
  • Discover the facets of the customer experience
  • Know how to integrate emotions into the customer journey
  • Know how to integrate the secrets of Relational and Emotional Intelligence in sales
  • Become brand ambassadors
  • Know how to identify different types of customers
  • Know how to read the weak signals and decode the non-verbal language of the customer
  • Capture the customer’s attention in his speech
  • Learn how to reinforce empathy and active listening
  • Know how to transmit the brand’s values to the customer
  • Turn customers into brand ambassadors

The participants
– You are often in front of customers to offer them services or products.
– You are in a commercial or service role with the challenge of transforming and enabling them to experience a memorable moment.

Have a first experience in sales or customer service.

1 to 2 days recommended

For a customized approach, please contact Michaela Merk for a quote

Learn more about our trainings and workshops on relationship and emotional intelligence

Within a company, human relationships are very numerous. Whether it’s with clients, partners, co-workers, supervisors or N-1, there is rarely a day when you don’t interact with someone. These relationships are beneficial, but they can also be harmful for those who do not know how to communicate. So to help you develop better relationships at work or in your daily life, Merk Vision offers training on relationship and emotional intelligence.

What is relationship intelligence?

Relationship intelligence is the ability to communicate well. To do this, you must take into account the person you are dealing with and the environment, and above all, you must know yourself well. This allows you to adapt to others.
In this respect, relationship intelligence and emotional intelligence are very much linked, in the sense that our emotions often guide our reactions to others. Through these two notions, you will learn to develop more constructive and harmonious relationships.
This is even more important in a company where there are many interactions. Regardless of your hierarchical level, you are in contact with a multitude of people on a daily basis. They may be customers, partners or employees.
Whatever the case, developing good relationships in the office will increase your efficiency and improve your working conditions.

Why training on relationship intelligence?

Through training on relationship intelligence, you will learn how to better react to the people around you (professional or personal).

But before getting to the heart of the matter, Merk Vision wishes to insist on the relationships you have with yourself. Indeed, it is difficult to communicate well with others if you do not control your reactions. At the beginning of your training, you will take the time to know yourself well for a better adaptation later on.

Throughout these trainings, Merk Vision provides you with a set of tools to improve your communication, such as active listening, perspective taking and empathy.
In addition, Michaela Merk will teach you how to deal with difficult situations, such as conflict or stress.

Who is this relationship intelligence training for?

Unless you are a total hermit, these relationship intelligence trainings are for everyone. Whenever you interact with others, whether in your business or your personal life, good communication skills are essential. But these skills are not always innate. So to help you develop better relationships with your entourage or your colleagues, don’t hesitate to follow training courses on relational intelligence.

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