Through our leadership and management conferences, we want to develop your ability to better inspire and impact your teams, to strengthen your level of relationship intelligence, essential to succeed any period of change and transformation.


The secret to success in times of change

Cette conférence a été conçue pour créer une conscience importante sur les grands enjeux du leadership dans la prochaine décennie. De plus, elle était développée pour les aider à mieux affronter les moments de transformation et de changement majeurs, que ce soit au sein de leur entreprise ou impactés de l’extérieur.

Cette conférence vous permettra de découvrir …

  • les changements majeurs qui auront un impact sur le leadership au cours de la prochaine décennie
  • les qualités que doivent posséder les dirigeants pour maîtriser les changements mondiaux croissants
  • comment l’intelligence relationnelle au sein de la direction renforce les liens dans l’ensemble de l’écosystème des entreprises
  • Comment transformer avec succès vos employés en ambassadeurs de marque engagés en période de changement
  • Comment stabiliser votre entreprise et renforcer l’engagement de tous les contributeurs afin de réussir les prochains objectifs.

Over the next decade, companies around the world – regardless of their size – will face massive transformations of all kinds:
Crisis-related transformation, organizational changes, increased digitization, the need to protect our planet, the demand for new work styles and new ways of consuming. The list is endless…

In these great moments of change, it is not surprising that employees and business partners feel insecure, unstable, fearful. They have to change their habits, learn new skills, get out of their comfort zone, reorganize and don’t know what will happen tomorrow with the company, their colleagues, themselves.

It is then especially when times are tough that companies need not only leaders with a strong vision, but also leaders who relate to their employees, who serve them, who give them positive energy to move forward in difficult times, who encourage them not to give up, who hold the ship together.

I developed this keynote based on hundreds of interviews with leaders to find out what qualities have helped them most in times of crisis, challenge, and transformation. I then designed this keynote to make leaders even more attentive, human, powerful and effective in moments when quality leadership at all levels is most important.


The art of turning your teams into brand ambassadors

This dynamic and energetic conference was developed to show that each employee within a company has internal and external customers that he or she must serve in the best possible way. As an ambassador for his company or brand, an employee can generate a “customer” experience if he knows how to embody the highest level of relationship intelligence in front of his entourage. These essential qualities must be fostered by all managers.

This conference will allow you to discover …

  • How to bring your sales and service teams to the highest levels of excellence through emotional leadership
  • How to create lasting relationships with your teams, customers and suppliers in times of change
  • How to inspire and coach your teams to become committed brand ambassadors
  • How to best manage millennials and gen z employees
  • How to rally your teams and boost their level of engagement for achieving big goals together

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Leadership conferences to bring out the leader in you

Michaela Merk has been delivering leadership conferences to companies in over 25 countries for the past decade. Discover her talks to develop your leadership skills.

Who is the leadership speaker for?

A leadership conference is for a wide variety of organizations, and more importantly, all kinds of personalities.
Whether you work in a multinational corporation, a small business, a community, an association or as a liberal professional, leadership issues are everywhere. For example, it may be a question of uniting a team to achieve excellence, preparing employees for change, instilling positive energy, creating links between teams, …. In this context, managerial skills must be appropriate at all levels of the company. This concerns CEOs, HR managers or even sales or administrative team leaders.

However, not everyone is born with the ability to gather crowds. This is why the leadership conference is aimed at all individuals, regardless of their status or personality. Thus, the speaker will speak to both the shy and the extroverted, so that everyone develops all the skills necessary to become a true leader.

What are the lessons to be learned from a conference on leadership?

During his speech, the objectives of the leadership speaker are multiple.

First of all, it is about demonstrating the indispensable qualities of any leader. Among these qualities is the ability to impose one’s vision, and to do so in a benevolent and open-minded manner. Indeed, a leader is not a tyrant. He is a person who is respected by all, regardless of his hierarchical level. With this conference, you will learn how to become this person.
Michaela Merk teaches you several techniques to adopt in order to bring out your soul as a leader.

Because of their format, the leadership conferences allow for discussions with medium to large audiences. Michaela Merk begins her speech with a presentation of the issues and the actions to be taken. Afterwards, you can interact with the speaker and ask any questions you may have. These events are also an opportunity to discuss with other participants. You can share feedback on the difficulties or successes you have experienced in managing your teams.
With Michaela Merk’s leadership conferences, you have all the keys in hand to become a leader in your organization.

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