Leadership development training at APM

Training becomes contagious when your energy is absorbed and comes back to you and others with even more energy. I call it the boomerang effect! At APM - Association Progrès du Management, with its open-minded, curious, brilliant, respectful leaders, this is possible. That's what I love about leadership development at the biggest association for general managers and business owners in France and abroad. Many thanks to the 30 clubs and almost 500 CEOs who allowed me to share my expertise in leadership through relationship intelligence with them. Special thanks as well to the management team at APM, Charlotte Métais, Anne…

The Power of Relationship Intelligence

"The Power of Relationship Intelligence Post-Covid" is the title of my latest article published in Forbes. After having accompanied, trained, and advised so many leaders during this pandemic, Michaela Merk wanted to share her feelings on the power of relationship intelligence in our leadership. More than ever, the ability to strengthen the ties between teams, suppliers, and partners influences the success of your company after this year that has tested us all. This research allowed Michaela Merk to realize how Relational Intelligence gives leaders the incredible power to strengthen the links between all the actors in the ecosystem of a…

Innovation Day in Champagne

Innovation is like a trip into space. You venture into unknown territories without boundaries. In order to find groundbreaking new ideas, lots of qualities are needed. Open-mindedness, positive thinking, endless curiosity, crossing mindsets, and some structure. That’s what Michaela Merk tried to bring to the champagne brand Tsarine within the Champagne house Champagne Chanoine Frères 1730 . In collaboration with a highly diverse team we worked on innovation in all aspects of the champagne experience: The bottle, the drink, the way of drinking and the whole production method. Innovation and creativity prepare are brand's future. This highly competitive industry makes innovation…

Post-Covid Leadership: Less vision – more relationship

Post-Covid Leadership: Less vision - more relationship Change your glasses! Before the crisis, leaders liked to look far, make long-term projections, plan for their future, set budgets for 5 years. Often away from their employees they made decisions while the teams rowed to move the ship forward.These managerial practices driven by a long-term vision no longer work. Too much uncertainty surrounds us. Too many questions are in the air. Desperately business managers are looking for signals that tell them where our future is going, how our economy will evolve, how consumption will be able to do, how the unemployment curve…

Participant voices after Leadership Conference by Michaela Merk

Participant voices after Leadership Conference by Michaela Merk Listen to the testimonials of the participants in the conference and training of Dr. Michaela Merk on the challenges in leadership 2030 following major transformations and changes for companies. Ecoutez les témoignages des participants à la conférence et formation de Dr. Michaela Merk sur les défis en management 2030 suite aux transformations et changements majeurs pour les entreprises. If you are interested in our speaking or training services feel free to reach out to me.

Best-of Leadership Conference at Champagne Lanson

Best-of Leadership Conference at Champagne Lanson Our world experiences significant transformation which obliges leaders to manage their teams differently, more agile, more responsible, more transparent, more human. This is what I shared during a recent convention with top managers at Champagne Lanson and other champagne houses of the biggest family based champagne group LANSON-BCC. As member of the supervisory board I feel responsible for sharing my knowledge in transformational leadership 2030, giving precise tools and tips for engaging teams when times are tough. Many thanks to Lanson's president Francois Van Aal for inviting me to speak at such a strategic event, the first of its kind in…

Leadership in times of Transformation – Conference for Champagne Lanson top management.

Leadership in times of Transformation - Conference for Champagne Lanson top management. Many first times ... at the occasion of the inauguration of the new emblematic site of Champagne Lanson in the middle of beautiful vineyards in Champagne at Verzenay. It was for the first time that all 7 champagne houses of LANSON-BCC group got together to celebrate this unique moment. It was for the first time that I gave a keynote about Leadership Challenges 2030 in presence after the Covid lockdown. Many thanks to Francois Van Aal, president at Champagne Lanson and his amazing team for giving me the…

Teaching luxury brand creation and management in St Gallen, Switzerland

Teaching luxury brand creation and management in St Gallen, Switzerland What a pleasure to be invited as guest professor to the leading Swiss Business School Universität St Gallen in order to share with 40 international students and young professionals the art of developing and managing luxury brands. During one week 5 teams were eager to develop their own strategy based on the theory I transferred to them after each step in the process. The theory was based on 20 years of professional experience in the luxury business and my intense research in the luxury industry. Incredible engagement, plenty of energy,…

Michaela Merk’s new speaker clip: 10 years on stage

Michaela Merk's new speaker clip: 10 years on stage During the past 7 years Michaela Merk trained and spoke in front of 100 000 people in 20 countries. She is a specialist in creating a unique customer experience by transforming sales and service teams into brand ambassadors in the digital age. Her keynotes and trainings are based on solid research she conducts in Brand, Retail and Digital excellence.

360° executive luxury certification in 6 days

360° executive luxury certification in 6 days Don't miss the new executive ‪‎luxury‬ certification in brand, retail and digital management at the highly renowned Université Paris Dauphine / PSL Research University : 360° luxury expertise 6 intense days (27.6 - 2.7.2016) 11 experts - professionals and academics academic certification exceptional tariff: 3900€ For more information check out: Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Michaela Merk, Paris Dauphine University has elaborated a prestigious and complete certificate in luxury brand-, retail- and digital management. This executive certificate will lighten the main issues faced by many companies today who want to be present in the…