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Luxury Sales force Management

Strategies for winning over your Brand Ambassadors

Written by Michaela Merk

Luxury Sales Force Management examines the strategies that allow managers from all industry sectors in which selling is vital, including luxury, to win their sales team’s hearts and minds, enabling higher sales performance.

Managing Luxury Salespeople is the ultimate practical guide for managers who want to transform their sales force into true brand ambassadors.

Discover how salespeople develop a relationship with the brands they sell and how these relationships can be characterized and strengthened with the help of management.
Learn how to recruit your future brand ambassadors by selecting the most committed talent.
Throughout the pages, you’ll learn managers’ best strategies for winning the hearts and minds of their sales teams to improve sales performance.
This book concludes with an overview of the challenges of digital with salespeople.

Browse the checklists and apply the templates & tools detailed throughout.

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A unique Book

  • A Practical Guide to Strengthening the Brand-Salesperson Relationship
  • 18 Management Strategies
  • 5 areas of Personal Development to build lasting professional relationships
  • 4 years of research with salespeople and senior executives in the luxury industry
  • 150 testimonials from luxury professionals (Cartier, Prada, Fendi Hermès)
  • Innovative graphics & humorous illustrations

The importance of Salespersons in video

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