Luxury Sales force Management

Strategies for winning over your brand ambassadors
By Michaela Merk

Luxury Sales Force Management examines the strategies that allow managers from all industry sectors in which selling is vital, including luxury, to win their sales team’s hearts and minds, enabling higher sales performance.

Based on new research into premium and luxury sales teams worldwide, involving hundreds of interviews with managers and salespeople from 50 companies including Cartier, Prada, L’Oréal, Sephora, and Hermès, Michaela Merk uniquely explores how salespeople develop a relationship with the brands that they sell, how these relationships can be characterized, and what top management should do to strengthen them. In addition, she identified, how future brand ambassadors can be identified during the recruitment process in order to find and bind the most engaged talents.

Featuring easy-to-use checklists, models and frameworks, as well as an exploration of the digital revolution and the challenges that it poses to salespeople, this is the ultimate, practical guide for managers to develop their sales force into true brand ambassadors.

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Unique Selling Points

  • One of the first books to focus on strengthening the bond between the sales team and the brand.
  • Based on 4 years of research in which hundreds of salespeople and top managers in the luxury industry were interviewed.
  • Contains 18 management strategies aimed at reinforcing the five key emotional facets that help build strong ties between a brand and its sales force
  • Contains easy-to-use checklists, models and frameworks that can be applied in any company
  • Illustrated by 150 quotes from salespeople and managers of over 50 premium and luxury brands, such as Cartier, Prada, Fendi and Hermès.
  • Features innovative graphics and humorous illustrations, drawn by well-known cartoonist Albert Dessinateur

Videos: Michaela talks about the importance of salespeople in organizations

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