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Speaker, Consultant, Coach, Author, Professor


  • Luxury & Premium Brands

  • Customer & Brand Experience

  • Leadership & Relational Intelligence

Belongs to the 10% Certified Speaking Professional® (CSP), the highest honor in Public Speaking & Training offered by the National Speakers Association of the United States. Among the 25,000 certified, we are only 4 French, including 2 women.
Trainers Excellence
Top 100 Trainer & Keynote Speaker, since 2010.
Certified Virtual Presenter
Highest international certification for virtual speaking, offered by the e-speakers.
The TripAdvisor of the Keynote Speakers, Proven Expert is an international tool for rating speakers and trainers on their performance. Feel free to share your experience with me !
Logo-Qualiopi-keynote speaker
French label attesting the service quality provided to my customers.


Expert in Leadership, Client Experience, Relational & Emotional Intelligence.

For over 20 years, I have been advisor, trainer and speaker to some of the world’s most successful luxury companies that want to level up their value. Those missions I conduced for such organisations aimed to build powerful brands, leaders and client experiences through what we call Relational Intelligence (RI).

Relational Intelligence is the art of connecting, analysing, and adapting to people in order to engage them in close and long-lasting relationships. It is a key leadership quality to succeed in today’s complex and challenging world.

Companies with talents who master Relational Intelligence will easily attract clients, empower other employees, suppliers, and every other stakeholder contributing to the company’s success. Relational & Emotional Intelligence are the true trigger to a memorable experience, so that both clients & employees now become Brand Ambassadors. 

Merk Vision is certified Qualiopi and DataDock by the French government for its rigorous training and mentoring.

About Merk VisionAbout Merk Vision


Based on the secrets of Relationship Intelligence (RI) we help companies build powerful brands and client experiences through:


Inspiring & Engaging

Trainings & Coachings

Personalized, Intense, Result-oriented


Efficient & Tailor-made



My passion in motivating people allowed me to successfully manage and coordinate international teams as Retail director and General Manager for premium companies, namely Estée Lauder Companies, L’Oréal and Marionnaud.

Since the creation of Merk Vision, I developed conferences & trainings for international luxury groups, including LVMH, Richemont, Hermes and Chanel, but also smaller companies and other industries who want to learn from the best.

I obtained a PhD in Marketing in 2012, and wrote numerous business and academic articles about Luxury & Management, among which, my latest book “Luxury Sales Force Management: Strategies for Winning Over Your Brand Ambassadors,” has become an important resource for executives in the premium & luxury industries.

In addition, I taught Luxury Marketing & Management in leading international business schools and Universities including Sciences Po Paris, ESSEC, IÉSEG, University of St Gallen, and lately Audencia.

About Merk VisionAbout Merk Vision


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